arien reed

This black & white charcoal drawing on gray paper by Arien Reed of a trans man removing his binder feels like a metaphor for breaking free, for hurting in exchange for experiencing needed change. Binders are not comfortable to wear or easy to put on or remove, but the gender euphoria they provide cannot be overstated.

About the Artist

Arien Reed is a trans man who paints/draws other gender diverse and/or intersex people. When not covered in paint, he volunteers as the secretary for Trans-E-Motion, a nonprofit providing gender affirming garments and GAC grants, rental relief grants, free WPATH (transition approval) letters, and more, to the trans community. Follow his artwork on IG or TikTok at @arienreedart or on Facebook at

Complement this piece with a poem, or a look into what it means to really see the world for what it is.