this month,
i made a queer joy playlist
for my friend because
it’s her first pride
as an out queer person

and i am moved by
how textured
how abundant
queer joy is
and not just queer joy
but queer love too

for one, the playlist was a gift to my friend
but her being gentle enough
to be herself
was a gift to me too

in a moment
when all sorts of “authorities”
attempt to decimate,
to flatten us
into nothingness –
and what celebrations
i’ve found instead
in just a handful of songs:

we know nothing!
we know something!
be in your feelings
feel the way you want to
delight in your body
indulge in new sensations
second (third, forth…) coming of age
you’re pretty
you’re handsome
refuse a label
love a label
you write a new story

pretty boys
handsome girls
sweet tooth
what a read
lip sync
oh it’s you – that first time

freak out
be freaky
shake that booty
embrace weirdos
have your own kind of sex

be held by friends
have crushes on girls
have crushes on boys
have crushes on non-binary cuties
choose your family
heal heal heal

we hurt so good
dream of utopia
see magic in the world
stay alive
take the ultimate risk: leave behind everything you know to love who you are
endless possibilities

you’re that bitch
you’re dramatic
find joy in words like “faggot” “queer” “bitch” “dyke” “monster” “tranny”
laugh in the face of oppression
be a star no matter who you are

let’s start completely fresh, yes?
hold our faith in the unknown
let a new name come to you
yield to softness
respect gentleness
defiance –
to spin hope out of anything and nothing

parties are a revolution
go wild
let’s hold hands
take a new form
find yourself where you least expect it
do whatever the heck you want
(as long as you don’t hurt anybody)
and let me know what i missed, okay?

Complement this trans love poem with a Spotify playlist suggested by the author and a deeper look into trans love.

About the Author

hal sansone is a love poet, mystic, and pre-Nursing student with a love for trans caregiving. he currently spends his afternoons caring for dogs, cats, and critters. he spends the rest of his time existing in a vibrant and inter-dependent chosen family. he lives with two kitties – Fish, an anarchist witch, and Mr. Flamingo, her nervous but sweet protégé. he currently resides on Dakota homeland also called Minneapolis, Minnesota. he wants you to know that he loves you, whoever you are. forthcoming: featured poet (gris literatura), actor/maker in “Light My Way” (Sandbox Theatre), “winter garlic” micro chapbook (Ethel)