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Some people are really out here not paying a shred of attention to the world around them

Photo by mostafa meraji

when i am misgendered,
beyond the sting and
the amusement and
the fear and
the numbness that follows,

i sense that
misgendering is entirely about
not me, but
the other person
and how little attention
they pay to the world around them

i have people –
from strangers to loved ones –
who see me
(in all my physical forms

i sense that
transness is Something
beyond medical

but it is worth stating that
transness is essential
to who i am
beyond the surface)

and that’s the Thing!
these people who recognize me –
who don’t misgender me –
they know me!

because transness is
woven into the fabric of the world
and they pay attention
to the world

i often say this is
one of my superpowers
as a trans person:

i sense
almost immediately
who is paying attention
and who isn’t

and i move towards
who is

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About the Author

hal sansone is a love poet, mystic, and pre-Nursing student with a love for trans caregiving. he currently spends his afternoons caring for dogs, cats, and critters. he spends the rest of his time existing in a vibrant and inter-dependent chosen family. he lives with two kitties – Fish, an anarchist witch, and Mr. Flamingo, her nervous but sweet protégé. he currently resides on Dakota homeland also called Minneapolis, Minnesota. he wants you to know that he loves you, whoever you are. forthcoming: featured poet (gris literatura), actor/maker in “Light My Way” (Sandbox Theatre), “winter garlic” micro chapbook (Ethel)

About this site

Hi there! My name is J.D., and the spark for what would become TransJoy Media was lit by a particularly bad day. I got to the place where I literally just Googled the phrase “trans joy” because I needed some. I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I decided to write myself into some trans joy. The results of this endeavor became one of the cornerstones of this site, which you can read here.

Before my public transition I was unaware of the concept of trans joy, so you could say the name TransJoy Media is really more of an aspiration than a dedication. Through my writing I hope to record some conversations I have with myself and others about growing and maturing as an intellectual, as a creative, and as a trans person in a (sometimes overwhelmingly) cis oriented world.

If you’re interested in having your work featured on the site, please fill out the form on this page.

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